For me, I have rediscovered photography. Many years ago, photography was an important part of my daily work. Due to the amount of photos I created and / or processed per day, I lost the fun of taking photos. 

Lately I caught myself looking at motifs and also taking occasional photos, but of course only with moderate success.  Now, for a few weeks, I’ve been thinking about the subject again very intensively and I’ve dug out my old digital camera equipment again. 

But I still have a lot to learn before the photos are where I want them to be. The world has changed a lot since analogue photography and the possibilities are almost endless. 

This page of my website is also a working record of what I do and how I get into it. Let’s see what else emerges.

To avoid giving the wrong impression, some of the background images are borrowed from the photo platform Pixabay and will be replaced by my own photos over time.

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